Translation work

I am a translator with a wealth of experience.

Since 1996, I have translated all sorts of materials: from highly technical user manuals, powerpoint presentations and specifications  (automotive, papermaking, chemicals) to more creative documents, such as articles for Hello Magazine, production notes, pitches, treatments and scripts for the audiovisual industry, amongst others.

What is most important to me is to respect my client’s original words. Staying true to them into the target language, be it French or English: I am a French national by birth but have lived in the UK for all of my adult life.

I am in the rather privileged position of knowing both languages intimately and am able to render nuances and subtleties relatively effortlessly.

These days, I work on several projects for several TV channels (Disney, TF1, M6, BBC…) in collaboration with production companies and animation studios (including Cyber Group Studios, Alphanim, Moonscoop, Planet Nemo…)

For more information about my work, check this page out, or contact me directly!


About Lise Morel